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The municipality of Valle Gran Rey is situated in the South West of the Island of La Gomera, a town with extraordinary rural landscape and great beauty where the volcanic erosion left a peculiar live sample of the coexistence of man with nature. It is an intense countryside terraced between palm trees and traditional buildings of great historical and cultural value.
  Valle Gran Rey
Valle Gran Rey   Agriculture, livestock and traditional fishing were the main base of the economy of the municipality up until the end of the 1970s and from this moment on the touristic industry began to bloom and now it is the main economic engine of Valle Gran Rey.
The Rural Park of Valle Gran Rey has an area of 1.992,8 hectares and reaches 1.020 metres above sea level. It sits above its two principal mountains which border the valley, La Merca and Teguerguenche, but besides this it comprises the ravine that is situated between La Casa de la Seda (the Silk House) and Risco de Guadá.
From a wildlife point of view, the Rural Park is the last refuge of one of the most endangered vertebrates on the planet, the giant lizard of Gomera. At the base of Risco de la merca, you will also find the Recuperation Centre, from where an ambitious plan to avoid its extinction is already under operation.   Charco del Conde

The coastal line of Valle Gran Rey offers a series of black sand beaches suitable for swimming. The largest beaches are Playa de la Calera and Playa de la Puntilla. These waters are spectacularly unique to practice deep sea diving.

El Charco del Conde, which was named as a place of scientific interest, forms a small bay ideal for children who are discovering their first contact with the sea, and next to this you will also find the Charco de la Condesa, a bay that always has been an ideal place to go swimming and surfing. Both enclaves are related to the history of the people from La Gomera.
  La Condesa
The Port of Valle Gran Rey, located in the Vueltas neighbourhood and built at the end of the 70s, is now undergoing extensive work in order to keep ahead with the growing demand of communication, fishing and sports. Next to the neighbourhood, you will find the Playa de Vueltas, another important beach of the municipality.
Away from the city centre of Valle Gran Rey, you will find Playa del Inglés, a black sand beach where you can practice nudism. Its distance also makes it an ideal place for star gazing.
  Playa del Inglés
Valle Gran Rey   The municipality of Valle Gran Rey offers to both foreign and local hikers the possibility of touring round its varied countryside from the sea coast to the summit in an easy and secure way.

The Island of La Gomera has ample track walks for hill walkers signposted in accordance with the Canarian Mountain Federation (FCM) and the Spanish Mountain Sport and Climbing Federation (FEDME), complying with all international European Ramblers Association norms.

Two long distance tracks, GR 131 and GR 132 pass through the municipality of Valle Gran Rey, besides the 3 PR or small principal running tracks and 5 PR secondary tracks.