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Out of all of the traditions of the Island, the one which stands out most is that of the "Ofrenda del Ramo" (Boquet Offering) which starts in Arure during the festivals in San Salvador, on 16th August. This offering is generally made up of products such as fruit, flowers and confectionary and constitutes one of the most characteristic symbols of the Gomerean festivals.

According to ancestral customs, one family takes on the responsibility of making up the offering in return for a promise, thus converting their home into an open house on that day for all the people participating in the festivals. The procession with the boquet and the offering accompanied by the sound of chácaras and drums is carried to the foot of Saint Salvador and later it is passed on to the family who will take charge of it the following year in order to keep this tradition alive.
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Virgen de Guadalupe   This custom of offering the bouquet as a thanksgiving has transcended to other festivals in the municipality. One example of this is the festival of Nuestra Sra. de los Santos Reyes (our Lady of the Holy Family) celebrated on 6th January, San Juan Bautista (St John the Baptist) on 23rd June in the Santuario de los Reyes, both these being the patron saints of Valley Gran Rey. Nuestra Sra. de la Salud y San Buenaventura (our Lady of Health and Saint Bonaventure) on 14th July in Arure.

Besides the above mentioned festivals, there are also the emblematic festivals of Nuestra Sra de Fátima (our Lady of Fatima), on 13th May in Arure, San Antonio de Padua (San Anthony of Padua) on 13th June in Guadá, San Pedro (St Peter) on 29th June at the beach, Virgen del Carmen on 16th July in Vueltas, the Virgen del Buen Viaje (our Lady of Good Traval) in Taguluche, the last week in August and Virgen del Coromoto (Our Lady of Coromoto) in La Haya the first week en September.
Virgen del Carmen, puerto de Vueltas